The Benefits of Small Businesses to the Local Community

Benefits of Small Businesses | It's Only Business

When determining where to shop, many people first consider prices followed by location and then name recognition. They may not think of how important it is to support local businesses. The benefits of small businesses to the community are many and understanding the advantages can help customers decide to shop locally.

Shopping at or using the services of small businesses can have a remarkable impact on the local economy. Both large and small businesses pay city and county sales taxes. When customers choose to leave their area to shop, they give their tax support to outside areas.

The taxes that are paid by small businesses to the local governments are used for many projects and services such as public schools, parks, sidewalks and the financing of roads. These tax funds also contribute to paying public service workers including firefighters and police officers. Youth sports leagues are often sponsored by the local parks department and subsidized by taxes which small businesses contribute to as sales tax revenue.

Another one of the benefits of small businesses is providing jobs for local residents. These jobs can be part-time help or they may be full-time management positions. Since having a job locally keeps the residents in town during their shift, the benefits extend out to the community. The employee may spend money at a local cafe during his or her break, then get gas at the local station and stop at the corner grocery store on the way home. The advantage of a small business hiring locally creates a domino effect that helps to support the community as a whole.

Along with providing job opportunities to local residents, small businesses also support the area through their everyday business needs. They may open an account at a local bank, buy supplies in town and hire local professionals such as attorneys and CPAs. These daily business operations provide advantages automatically to the local neighborhood.

As a community discovers the many benefits of small businesses to the local area, it makes sense for residents to support the businesses that help support their community.

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